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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Road Hungry

Out here, they practically grow on trees
You can find them everywhere, even when the landscape is otherwise barren.
It`s a shame there is no way to
Turn them into a crop, or harvest them somehow
And eat them up.

Kilometers are food for cars and bicycles, planes and feet
They eat them up. I guess there are people who have
Found a way to turn kilometers into food, but they own travel agencies
And bus companies. Taxi drivers eat kilometers.

There is no market for kilometers in the United States.
And so, they are left, scattered in the dust of a thousand other countries
In the New York Stock Exchange, there is no symbol for KMS, so that you could call
Your agent and buy low
Or sell high. The exchange rate isn`t that good, either.
1 mile equals 1.61 kilometers, but, the good thing is there`s
No trade policy that`s going to change it. We can be glad that people
Who come from a country where they use the metric system
Will never have to travel 5 times as far to go the same distance in the United States.


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